Laser Therapy for Dogs

Pain, inflammation, and swelling can be treated with various different drugs or medications. As an alternative to giving drugs or medications Therapeutic lasers which use light at near infrared wavelengths can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation without the use of drugs.

What is therapeutic laser and what are its benefits?

Therapeutic lasers use light with wavelengths of 800 – 900 nm. This light cannot be seen with the eye. This light penetrates tissue up to a depth of 5 cm or 2 inches and directly acts on the cells of the body to allow them to function better. This improved function reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Are lasers dangerous for dogs and are there any side effects?

Lasers are very safe when used properly. Lasers can be used on any swollen or painful area. Lasers cannot be used over tumors since they cause tumors to grow faster. Lasers cannot by used over glands (thyroid, adrenal, testicles etc) since they alter the formation of hormones in these glands and finally lasers cannot be used on or around the eyes. Some dogs will feel a tingling sensation when the laser is used but the is no pain associated with lasers.

What kind of lasers are used on pets?

Class III and Class IV lasers are used on pets. These operate at a wavelength of 800-900 nm which helps to = heal tissue and dose, not cut tissue.


The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth, that life enhancing pool of precious water has been talked about, searched for and sold in many ways for the past 2500 years. When it comes to our pets, there is no mythical liquid of life to draw from so we have to expect our pets are not going to be with us forever and if you share the same outlook as me, that is a very sad thought.

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