Cheryl Base

Customer Service Representative
I joined the clinic in 2012. My favourite thing about the clinic is the relationships that we build with our clients and the high standard of medicine that we provide. To choose one thing I love most about my job is hard to pin down to just one thing. There are so many things I love about my job: meeting and greeting our clients, shaking paws and sharing cuddles with our patients, as well as working with such a passionate and dedicated team. I have a yellow Labrador named Becky, that I have trained to steal the remote control from my husband when he is not looking, so we can watch what we want on television. Becky will also bring me the box of tissues, portable phone, my iPad and when necessary, a roll of toilet paper (and she doesn't even get it slobbery). Becky is my constant companion, never leaving my side, especially after a couple of surgeries kept me sidelined and housebound for extended periods of time. Becky has earned three Canadian Kennel Club Obedience titles but had to retire after a broken bone in her foot. We are now hoping she will help us train our new puppy, another yellow Labrador named Carrlee. I also have two kitties that I adopted from the Caledon Animal Shelter, Harley and Oliver. My fur babies make me smile, each and every day.


The Cuterebra Parasite

The ‘Other’ bug under the skin.

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