Before You Get a Pet

The gift-giving time of year is fast approaching and we all want to get that “something special” for the ones we love. Every year we see new puppies and kittens given as gifts for Christmas. Often these ‘gifts’ are greeted with joy, appreciation and excitement. Sometimes, they are not.

My advice if you are thinking of getting a pet or giving a pet for Christmas is …. Don’t. Wait until after the holidays and have a discussion with the intended recipient of your generosity to ensure they really want the responsibility of a new dependant family member.

If you are determined to gift or get a pet during the holiday season or any other time of the year, visit www.beforeyougetapet.com

This website has been put together by a number of veterinarians at the Ontario Veterinary College and has some great resources concerning adding a pet to your or someone else’s family.  Behaviour tips, cost of ownership, socializing your cat and dog are all addressed on this website. Reviewing the information presented will give you an indication of what is involved in pet ownership so you can make an informed decision.

Again, I would suggest you wait until after the holiday season and let me be the first to congratulate you on the addition of a four-legged furry family member to your, or a loved one’s life.

Written By: North Hill Animal Hospital

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