Cat Deworming

Cats can eat things we consider not to be food. Some of these things harbour parasites, which can affect our cats. When cats have parasites, the parasites eat what our cats eat and rob them of proper nutrition.

What are some internal cat parasites?

Some internal parasites that affect the cat are tapeworms, roundworm, hookworms, and whipworm.

What are worm infestation symptoms in cats?

Sometimes, there will be no symptoms if a cat has an infestation of parasites. However, they could present with a bloated abdomen, dull/thin hair coat, or a good appetite with weight loss.

Do worms affect humans?

Most of the intestinal parasites that affect cats are zoonotic, which means humans can contract them.

What is the deworming schedule?

When a kitten comes in, they are dewormed every 2 weeks, until about 16 weeks of age. An adult cat that goes outside, should be on a monthly dewormer.

Any deworming medication side effects?

Some cat can have diarrhea or even vomit to expel the dead parasites.

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