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Top 3 Signs your Pet Needs Dental Attention b Dr. David Kerr

Itchy ears, broken legs, vomiting and diarrhea, these are easily recognized illnesses in our pets and when we see them there is no hesitation in seeking professional care to help are four legged loved ones get better. Dental disease, on the other hand is often not easy to recognize. Disease in the mouth is as […]

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Do I Need To Brush My Cat's Teeth? by Bonnie Tatton, VT

Cats like us require dental care and daily brushing. The best age to start your cat on a brushing routine is when they are still kittens, however with a little determination and patience we can start brushing teeth at any age. Do I Need A Special Toothpaste? You have to purchase special pet toothpaste as […]

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How to Brush your Dogs Teeth By Bonnie Kemp, H.Bsc

Tools: A toothbrush or finger brush Pet friendly toothpaste Patience! Steps: 1 . Before using any of the above mentioned tools, get your dog used to you touching their face, opening their mouths, lifting their lips, and maneuvering their heads. 2. After they are comfortable with this, it is important to get them accustomed to […]

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Bad Breath in Pets

I love my dogs and cats especially because of all the kisses (licks) I get. Recently there has been a smell left on my hands where I have been licked and when I examined my dog’s mouth there was a horrible odor. The mouth odor of dogs and cats should not be offensive, granted they […]

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The Cuterebra Parasite

The ‘Other’ bug under the skin.

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