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When It's Red it's Sore

Have you ever watched your cat yawn? It’s contagious and usually makes me yawn too. Before our respective yawns are finished, I always try to have a good look in my cat’s mouth. There are other ways to  ‘have-a-look’ but this is the easiest. Holding my cat’s head and lifting the lip is another great […]

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When Red Gums can be Life Threatening for Pets by Dr. Kerr

In a previous blog I talked about how infected gums become red and sore and how by examining your cat’s mouth gingivitis can be noticed and corrected. Some cats go way beyond gingivitis and the redness in their gums can be life threatening. To recap from a previous post, plaque is deposited every day on […]

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Good to Chew, Better to Rinse, Best to Brush by Beverly Riley, RVT

Dental homecare for your pet is very important; luckily there are many ways we can do this. Brushing our pet’s teeth is the best option when coming to home dental care. This should be done with a pet specific toothbrush, and pet specific toothpaste, which comes in yummy flavors like chicken and beef. We should […]

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Steps to Brushing Your Dogs Teeth by Kaitlyn Sammut, VA

As your dog starts to age you may start to see tartar accumulate on their teeth and at your vet visit we probably recommended brushing their teeth. Easier said than done right? Well this blog is going to take you step by step to teach you how to teach your pet to let them brush […]

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Top 3 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Attention by Dr. Kerr

Itchy ears, broken legs, vomiting and diarrhea, these are easily recognized illnesses in our pets and when we see them there is no hesitation in seeking professional care to help are four legged loved ones get better. Dental disease, on the other hand is often not easy to recognize. Disease in the mouth is as […]

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The Cuterebra Parasite

The ‘Other’ bug under the skin.

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