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It's Heartworm Season! Dr. Kerr Answers the Most Common Question

I have seen some commercials on the TV about Heartworm and that it could affect my dog. What is Heartworm and should I be concerned? Signed Worried Pet Parent   Dear WPP, I too have seen the ads on TV and they do portray an important message. Heartworm is a disease that affects dogs in […]

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Parasites on Pets: Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner? by Dr. Kerr

Dear Dr. Kerr We have dogs and cats in the house and recently I have found moving things on their skin. What can these be? Signed, Worried Dear W, Dogs and cats, especially if they go outdoors can pick up hitch hikers who come home to dine on them or their family members. This time […]

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Laser Therapy at North Hill Animal Hospital

Laser Therapy has been helping pets at North Hill Animal Hospital for the past...

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What Is Laser Therapy

Learn more about Laser Therapy at Noth Hill Animal Hospital.

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