Riding in Cars with Dogs to Wherever

We love our dogs and we want them to be with us all the time. When we travel whether it is on vacation or just to the store for milk, we want our dogs with us because they are a part of the family and with a few precautions travelling with dogs is fun.

Safety is important when we travel and also when dogs travel with us. When we travel we carry identification in the form of a driver’s license and other documents. It is important your dog has some form of identification just in case she gets away from you she can be safely returned home. A name tag with a contact telephone number is a great form of identification. Microchips implanted under the skin are also very good and these cannot be lost. Wearing a collar with name and phone number embroidered onto the collar is the best since it is hard to lose and easy to read.

We wear seat belts in the car and these are a very good idea for dogs. Seat belts for dogs are composed of a harness the dog wears and a seat belt buckle which attaches directly to the car. These seat belt harnesses prevent dogs from interfering with our driving and in case we need to stop quickly, seat belts prevent pets from falling off the seat and getting injured. When the car is moving the seat belt prevents him from sticking his head out an open window. Dogs with their heads out the window are prime targets for flying bugs and debris which can cause eye injuries.

Dog leashes are also important and they should be fastened to your dog’s collar before the car doors open. By doing this we prevent losing our dog if he bounds away as soon as the door opens.

Taking these few precautions allows for safe and fun travel with all family members including the four-legged furry ones with big wet tongues.

Written by Dr. David Kerr, DVMshutt


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