Cat Flea and Tick Control

Bugs are everywhere. Some of those bugs like to live on our cats and when they do those bugs can come into our houses. Keeping control of these bugs keeps our cats happier and healthier and our houses bug-free.

What are fleas?

Fleas are an ectoparasite that cats can get. They do not need to go outdoors as fleas can easily make their way into your home on items brought into your home.

How do fleas harm the cats?

Fleas feed on the blood of the cat, some cats are very sensitive to the flea saliva and develop flea allergy dermatitis which can be very uncomfortable for your feline companion and lead to sleepless nights for you as they scratch.

Why is treating and preventing fleas so important?

Prevention is the best option, that ensures your cat will not become infested with fleas and does not have the potential to develop any reactions. If they have fleas then it is important to treat that cat for 3 months, as well as any other pets in the house.

Simple steps for treating fleas in your senior cat?

There are topical medications that you can get from your vet, they are applied to the skin of the back of the head/neck. The treatment consists of 3 easy doses of the flea treatment used once a month for 3 months. It is very important to ensure that you are using a product specific to cats as dog flea medication can be fatal to your cat.


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