Golden Retriever dog outdoors

Pet Memorial

The bond between people and pets reaches into every aspect of our lives. Time spent with pets is often greater than the time spent with other family members. During the years you spent with your pet (even if they were few), became a significant and constant part of your life, so don’t be surprised if you feel devastated by the loss of such a relationship.

An emotionally difficult part of sharing our lives with our pets is the fact that they don’t live as long as we do. When a pet dies, the people who love them go through the same grieving process as if they had lost a human loved one. Grief is complicated at the best of times; however, for a pet owner, there is often no outlet or ritual for working it through.

Preparing a memorial, planting a tree in memory of your pet, compiling a photo album or scrapbook, or otherwise sharing the memories you enjoyed with your pet, can create a legacy to celebrate the life of your animal companion. Remembering the fun and love you shared with your pet can help you to eventually move on.

We have created this memorial page for you to express any thoughts that you would like to share with the North Hill Animal Hospital Community and to post a photo that will have a home on this page as long as you wish it to be there.

There are several ways that you can honour your pet;

In Memory Of…

To remember those that have left paw prints on our hearts, we would be honoured to feature your beloved pet on this page. To do so, kindly send a photo and bio of approximately 100-150 words to If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 905-857-5057

Smoky the catSmoky
Brilliant, warm and loved to cuddle, loved to listen to me play the piano and always sat by my side. Came to my whistle and was a voracious hunter. Friend to raccoons, cats and dogs and loved to jump in the air to catch flies. Would sometimes intently watch TV and loved to play with catnip balls and string. Smoky always greeted me at the door but could be shy with people. Smokey came to me at 4 weeks of age, a survivor who overcame many health issues. He was an amazing judge of character, loved the outdoors right up until the very end. Smokey was a curious cat who preferred peace and quiet, except for his companion Emma who lived until she was almost 21. She loved him, groomed and snuggled with him. Smoky knew 72 words, and this seemed to calm him when he was able to communicate with us. Smoky was an incredible cat – My Gift from God.

Rosie the dog

Rosie was the only other female in this house. Ever. Well, unless some of our fish were female, but who can tell with fish? On June 22nd, 2001, I finally talked Hubster into going to see some Bichon Frise puppies. The backyard breeder brought out a little, tiny 8 oz ball of white fluff that fit in the palm of my hand. Instantly, I fell in love. She was lovely from the moment we got her. So patient with our then 5 and 2-year-old boys. So smart and so loving. She was the definition of a lapdog. Rosie was a solid member of our family for 14 years. In the end, she was so sick, and she told me in her eyes that her time had come. It was the final decision I had to make as her dog-mommy. It was selfless because if I could have kept her with me forever, I would have. I soaked in her sweet face every chance I got. I watched her sleep. I petted her when she could tolerate the touch. Thank you for 14 wonderful years, Rosabella. You will be sorely missed and will always stay in our hearts.

Leela Schnorky Memorial Card