Rabies Vaccines Save Lives

Rabies vaccines save lives. This statement seems obvious since vaccinations help develop antibodies to prevent infection from certain diseases, in this case, the virus that causes rabies. Researchers looking at vaccination of dogs in Africa found, however, that the risk of death from any disease was less in those dogs who had been vaccinated using […]

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Are Essential Oils a Problem?

The smell of wintergreen is calming, citrus is pleasant, and eucalyptus can be soothing to achy sinuses during the cold winter months. Vaporizers, charms on bracelets and potpourri are all ways to use essential oils to impart these lovely smells to the air. We use essential oils for many things to keep us happy and […]

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Why Over the Phone Diagnosis Is a Bad Idea

Conversation 1 Client: “My dog has a terrible rash on his belly, it is red and blotchy, and he is scratching. What do you think it might be?”

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Dog Appropriate Toys

Watch Dr. David Kerr break down the most appropriate toys for your dog!

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Cat Appropriate Toys

Check out as Dr. David Kerr talks about appropriate toys for your cat!

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