What bothers you about pet scratching the most? When he scratches so much his rattling tags keep you up all night? Is it the “thump, thump, thump” of her back leg on the floor that makes sleep impossible for you both? Or maybe it’s just knowing that your best friend is miserable because he can’t get comfortable?

The majority of pets don’t have fleas – but many have been bitten because fleas are everywhere! Fleas live outdoors in warm weather. They can live indoors too; even in really clean homes, year-round in any climate. Fleas will gladly hitch a ride on your pet into your house. And all it takes is one fleabite (specifically the flea’s saliva), to set o! a full-blown skin allergy. They may scratch their sides and neck or even lick their paws until they’re red and painful.

If a flea has bitten your pet and it’s not treated, you’ll have THREE problems on your hands:

1. A little itch can develop into a full-blown skin infection, making life for your pet miserable.

2. Fleas may infest your house. Remember, fleas just take a quick “blood meal” when they bite your pet.

3. The rest of their lives are spent in your house – and flea eggs can lay dormant in carpets, on floors or in the sofa for months to years. Eeeeeew.

How do you prevent your cat or dog from bringing home MORE fleas?

The good news is you can count on our Bolton veterinary clinic to help derail the whole flea problem. We’re experts when it comes to flea allergies and flea prevention. Prevention is simple and affordable and often as simple as applying a liquid to your pets’ skin once a month. By doing this, you only have to think about fleas once each month and from then on you do not need to worry about them.  Schedule your pet’s annual checkup and let’s talk about the best options for keeping the whole family (both furry and human) flea free.

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