Good to Chew, Better to Rinse, Best to Brush by Beverly Riley, RVT

Dental homecare for your pet is very important; luckily there are many ways we can do this.
Brushing our pet’s teeth is the best option when coming to home dental care. This should be done with a pet specific toothbrush, and pet specific toothpaste, which comes in yummy flavors like chicken and beef. We should be brushing at least 3-4 times a week, however the more the better if our schedule allows.

There are dental chews available that also help our pet’s mouths. I believe this should be use in conjunction with brushing and not as an alternative. That being said this is better than nothing if brushing is not realistic. The best chew to use is called C.E.T Hextra premium chews.   These chews have a chlorehexidine coating which helps reduce plaque and calculus, as well as the chewing action benefit.

There is also a dental diet called Hills T/D, this food has a bigger kibble size and has a fibre matrix that resists crumbling and scrubs the entire surface of the chewing teeth to reduce plaque.  This is an awesome option, but should be used in conjunction with brushing. T/D works great for all the chewing teeth, but the canine and incisor teeth closer to the front of mouth will need to be brushed to have an overall oral benefit

As responsible pet parents we should be doing at least one of these options, and for the ultimate results use all 3 options. My dog loves the taste of the poultry toothpaste which makes brushing a treat, and the hextra chews not only taste good but he enjoys chewing on them.