Is Rawhide OK for My Dog? by Beverly Riley, RVT

The answer is not a “cookie cutter” answer; it will vary depending on the individual dog.
Some dogs will tolerate rawhide much better than others, some will chew them properly and others will try to swallow too big of pieces. If your dog swallows small pieces of rawhide they will pass easily through the digestive tract, however if your dog tries to swallow larger pieces there is the potential they may choke or cause intestinal obstruction. Although it is rare for these occurrences to happen, it is important to only give your dog rawhide when they can be supervised.

If your dog has made the rawhide soggy and is trying to swallow it, then take it away, let it dry out and it can be given back to them at a later time. Overall I find rawhide a great option for your pet when supervised. If you have never given rawhide to your pet make sure you give it to them when you have the time to supervise, and be prepared for the potential to have to take it away from them.

Talk to our Bolton veterinary technicians or doctors about whether rawhide is right for your pet or if you have any questions about treats!