Let’s Get Cats Moving

Keeping your cat active can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Cats can be quiet inactive at times, which in the long run can have effects on their physical and mental health. Ultimately, you need to get them moving and playing! Toys are the easiest way to encourage active behaviour. It is also mentally stimulating which can aid with any issues that may come with boredom. The three main types of play are interactive, solo and electronic toys. Interactive play is the time you spend actively playing with your cat. It is the most beneficial. As for solo play, this can include pawing around a toy such a fake mouse or anything that can be tossed about. Electronic cat toys are great for the busy household. They are usually battery operated and can occupy your cat without human interaction. Another fun toy that most cats love is a laser pointer.

Vertical territory is another very important aspect of a cats environment. This can include cat trees, activity centers, window sills, shelves and much more. These vertical locations encourage movement, along with mental stimulation.

There are many food dispensing toys or puzzle feeders that require your cat to work a little harder to get their meals. Be careful with treat dispensers as we do not want to add more calories to their daily intake.

Last but not least, the cat’s ultimate toy, boxes! Don’t be afraid to get creative. Cut some holes and create a “kitty wack-a-mole” which is not only fun for your cat but you too!

Remember to be patient when enticing your cat to play. Take advantage of that daily burst of energy that cats get a few times a day. Happy playing!

Written by: North Hill Animal Hospital