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Cats who are overweight have many more health problems than cats who have are a proper weight. Overweight cats do not live as long as cats who are a proper weight.

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Is my cat fat?

There is an alarming number of overweight cats, the average house cat is even more likely to be overweight. There are a lot of misconceptions with cats, such as free feeding and leaving the food out for the cat to graze. Most cats fed this way will eat too many calories and as a result, become overweight and/or obese.

How can my cat lose weight?

The best way for a cat to lose weight is to bring them into the clinic to have their weight assessed and then a diet plan made accordingly. Reduced calories are the best way, but adding in exercise can help, feeding in treat balls, using a laser, throwing kibbles down the stairs at meal times etc.

What is offered in a nutritional consultation?

During a nutritional consult, we assess the weight condition of the pet, and can discuss their diet. If they need to lose weight, we calculate how many calories they need based on how overweight they are. We can discuss weight loss diets and recommend a diet that will promote fat loss and not muscle loss.

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