Puppy Vaccinations

When puppies are born, they become immune to some diseases after they suckle the first milk or ‘colostrum’ from their mothers. This protection lasts only 8-10 weeks. Vaccines are started for puppies at 6-8 weeks of age, so they can develop their own protection against disease, as the ‘maternal’ protection wears out. A second vaccination at 12 weeks and a third at 16 weeks, ensure puppies have as complete protection as possible.

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What vaccinations do you offer to new puppies?

All puppies start with the first booster of core vaccines. The second booster is a repeat of the core vaccines and at that time, a leptospirosis and bordetella vaccine are given (if required). The final vaccine is again a core vaccine, plus a rabies vaccine and the second leptospirosis vaccine.

Why is it important to properly vaccinate your puppy?

The protection a puppy gets from his or her mother lasts only 8-10 weeks. If puppies do not develop their own antibodies (which fight disease), they are at risk of contracting serious, life-threatening and expensive diseases.

What is an appropriate schedule for puppy vaccinations?

A puppy’s first booster is given when they are 6-8 weeks old. The second booster is given 4 weeks, later when they are 10-12 weeks, with the final booster given at 14-16 weeks of age.

How should you prepare your puppy for its first vaccination visit?

Collecting all the medical information that is available for your puppy, such as any vaccines already given and including any medications which have been administered, will benefit your health care team to provide the best possible medical care and advice. Please bring a fresh poop sample, (about the size of a sugar cube), to your initial visit, so that we can check for internal parasites, and also let us know what type of food your puppy is eating, and how much a day.

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