Should I Get Pet Insurance?

“Should I get pet insurance?” is a common question you ask yourself when you get a new pet. It can be a gamble, not knowing if you will end up needing it or not. When I got my puppy in September I was back and forth, debating whether or not I should, will I need it?  Will she have health concerns? What if she has an accident?  In the end I decided to get it! I chose SPCA insurance, although there are so many different options out there, I personally liked my quote and what would be covered annually and made my decision.

For me, getting pet insurance on my puppy, Gretchen, was the best decision for both her and I. I have been calling her my “lemon” since she has already had so many problems and she is only 8 months old. She has, so far, needed her stenotic nares repaired (her nostrils were pretty much closed, so she needed surgery to help open them), she has needed sedation and radiographs as she was limping on one of her front legs and we were worried about elbow dysplasia, she has skin allergies already, and has needed multiple different shampoos, yeast treatment medication, antibiotics and skin testing.

In total I have submitted 7 claims, and have received payment in full, but keep in mind it can take about 2 months to receive your money back.  It has already paid me back more than I have paid into it. Since her skin will be a lifelong condition she will continue to use the insurance, and I will have it as back up if she has an accident or illness

My recommendation to anyone getting a puppy or kitten is to go online and research all the different insurance companies, you can make quotes and see what would be covered,  how much your monthly payment will be as well as your deductible. It is also important to research how these amounts will change as your pet ages.

Feel free to contact us at North Hill Animal Hospital if you have any questions about how to pick the best insurance company for you and your pet.

Written by Beverly Riley, RVT