Summer Heat Can Kill

There have been many reports of dogs and children being left in cars in recent years, some with devastating results, destroying families and taking lives.

Our family pets have no voice to let us know they’re in pain. They rely on us 100% to ensure they are safe, have what they need and to lead them away from dangerous situations.

Sadly, people often think, “I’m just going to be a minute, my pet will be okay.” A minute turns into 15, and now your dog is in distress. Dogs want to be with us, it is their nature to want to follow and protect. However, if you are shopping or driving around doing chores, the best and safest place for your dog is at home. They may not know that, so as their guardian, it is our duty to do the best for our pets and this is one of those times when we have to put their needs ahead of our desires. Leave them at home where they are safe, comfortable and cool.

There have been several well-documented videos on the heat that builds inside a car in the middle of summer; those numbers can be impossible to imagine if you are stuck in that vehicle. The seat of a car can reach 123 degrees Celcius, and the dashboard can reach a staggering 157 degrees in under 30 minutes. Any pet left in a vehicle will be suffering from extreme heat exhaustion after 20 minutes and in less than an hour, could be suffering from a fatal heatstroke.

Don’t take your dog with you on hot days, leave them at home, resting on the cool tiles and in the air-conditioned home. You may be saving their life!

Written by April McEwan, Office Manager


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