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Are Your Pets Ready for School?

The new school year is just weeks away. The stores are loading their shelves with supplies, parents are counting the days, and kids are mostly blissfully unaware, as summer holidays come to an end.

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Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza can be caused by two different virus strains H3N8 and H3N2. H3N8 was discovered in Florida in 2004 and can also be found in horses. H3N2 was first identified in Chicago in 2015 and can affect other species such as pigs and birds.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog or Cat

The New Year is coming and with it all sorts of New Year’s resolutions. I know our pets cannot make resolutions on their own but maybe we can make some for them and help increase their joy of life. We all love to play. Let’s resolve to play more with our dogs and cats. Cats […]

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First Time Puppy Vaccinations

Puppies are wonderful. When they first enter our houses a little timid and unsure, the whole family is in love within minutes. A new pup added to the family brings happiness, joy and new sense of purpose. They also bring responsibility. Keeping our puppies healthy is one of our responsibilities and the better we do […]

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Steps to Brushing Your Dogs Teeth by Kaitlyn Sammut, VA

As your dog starts to age you may start to see tartar accumulate on their teeth and at your vet visit we probably recommended brushing their teeth. Easier said than done right? Well this blog is going to take you step by step to teach you how to teach your pet to let them brush […]

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The Cuterebra Parasite

The ‘Other’ bug under the skin.

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