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Cat Vaccinations

Vaccines help prevent cats from becoming sick and therefore, saves you money. Antibodies are natural defense mechanisms that cats use to fight infection. Vaccines help cats to make more of these antibodies. We at North Hill Animal Hospital, vaccinate cats based on the risk each cat has for picking up...


Overweight Cat Help

Cats who are overweight have many more health problems than cats who have are a proper weight. Overweight cats do not live as long as cats who are a proper weight.

Cat Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning

Trimming nails and cleaning ears help our cats live comfortable lives.


Cat Dental Care

We brush our teeth to keep our teeth clean. Cats in the wild "brush their teeth" when they hunt. Our cats who live with us need us to help care for their teeth since they eat prepared food, which does not help to clean their teeth. The build-up of plaque...