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Becky’s Trip to Kissable Lips

Here is a video about Becky’s dental journey from the morning before her dental exam, to her recovery.

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Dental Care for Pets

Pets need dental care too; we’ve all heard this before when we bring our pets to their Vet appointments, but what does that mean? As humans we brush our teeth twice daily and go to our regular dentist appointments (for the most part anyways), but unfortunately our pet’s teeth do not get the same attention. We’ve […]

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The Knee Cap Rule by Dr. David Kerr

One of the ways to help prevent build up of plaque which holds bacteria and will eventually turn into the dreaded tartar, is to offer our dogs hard things to chew on. The chewing action helps to chip any built up tartar off and wears away at the daily plaque build up. Certain foods, rawhide […]

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When It's Red it's Sore

Have you ever watched your cat yawn? It’s contagious and usually makes me yawn too. Before our respective yawns are finished, I always try to have a good look in my cat’s mouth. There are other ways to  ‘have-a-look’ but this is the easiest. Holding my cat’s head and lifting the lip is another great […]

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What Is Laser Therapy

Learn more about Laser Therapy at Noth Hill Animal Hospital.

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